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About Us

Our company named Güçlüer Food and Dairy Products Ind.Trade.Co.Ltd. with the brand Güçbey has begun to give service in 1999 by the enterprise of founder Ömer Güçlü.

Our company has been operating in 10.000 m2 open and 2000 mclosed area. Soon after the foundation, the company has increased its capacity and product variety, and started to produce cultivated and classical cheese, cheddar, butter, curd cheese, cream cheese and bryndza.

Our company, adapting the current technological developments, has taken the responsibility of producing better and tastier products day by day as well as high hygiene standards and good production applications.

Our Mission

Güçbey’s mission is processing the milk obtained naturally by the farmers at the cutting edge and producing nutritious, tasty, and natural products in safe packing with Güçbey specialiyt and without sacrificing quality; therefore, we contribute to bring up healthy generations and to build up strong societies.

Our Vision
As Güçbey , we believe in continuous development of our company and products ethically and lawfully, caring human, environment and nature by means of R&D activities.
We always aim at the best worldwide by means of using advanced technology. We have been producing local products with their traditional tastes at our modern establishments.

Quality Certificates
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